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Contest Rules Web Awards Armour 2008

Zimmerit.com  and Auriga Publishing International to further incentivate the propagation of military modelling hobby, hold this photographic web prize:

TIME SPAN : from 10/01/2008 to 03/10/2009 (deadline for sending photos).

DEADLINE PRIZE AWARDING : within 03/30/2009

: within 60 days from 03/30

: all countries with web connections

RECEIVERS :  all military modellers 

PROMOTED PRODUCT: Auriga Publishing International

PRIZES : showed and published at this link: www.zimmerit.com\concorsi\2008\en_premi.html.
The organizers reserve the option to add some Special Awards during the contest.

Zimmerit.com holds  the First Edition of Web Awards Armour – 2008.


Art.1)  Web Awards Armour 2008 "Auriga-Zimmerit.com" is a virtual-photograpic contest dedicated to armor modelling. Attending in free.

Art.2) Deadline for sending the works: not later than 03/10/2009. Digital pics only.
The photograpic images for the contest  must arrive to the webmaster using the available form.

Art.3) Upon recipit the images in contest will be showed within seven days  as “Author’s Personal Gallery” on zimmerit.com website.

Art.4) There are 2 categories: Seniores and Juniores
In Juniores will be allowed authors under 18 years old.

Registration in the Juniores category must be done and compiled by a parent , or adult relative, with the parent/relative personal data,  writing only the minor full name and the first letter of his last name (ex:a minor named  John Smith must be writenn as John S.)

Art.5) All  modelling scales are accepted for both categories.

Art.6)  All the authors can compete with more than one  model, sending  at least 3 image and no more than 6 images for each model presented.

This a photographic contest. Therefore the Author must make at least one image capable of a new visual expression and intepretation of photographic modelling. An image capable to distinguish the model. To valorize it’s unicity. Is allowed the use of graphic software to this end. The images must be in JPEG format, 800x600 pixel, maximum.

Art. 7) The Web Awards Armour 2008 "Auriga-Zimmerit.com" is a photographic award. In addition to standard modelling evaluation criteria (assembling  and painting quality, originalità of the subject, historical  accuracy, total or partial scratchbuilding and so on), a special relevance will be conferred to the overall quality of the photographic images that will be sent.
Every single picture will be assessed on these features:

Realism/Beauty/How it has been shooted/How it has been drafted. All these features will be added to the final score.

Only color pictures are allowed.

Art. 8) Also collective works are allowed to partecipate (ex: a model assembled by A, painted by B and shooted by C). The collaborators’ names must be included in the inscription form in the field: Model Description. However only one author could compete in the Award.

Art. 9) Subjects already published by Zimmerit.com cannot compete.

Art. 10) The pictures sent for the contest  will be not  returned. They could be used and published by Zimmerit.com and by Gruppo editoriale Auriga Publishing International.

Art. 11) The panel of judges of  Web Awards Armour 2008 "Auriga-Zimmerit.com" will composed by four members: one Chairman and three members: one modeller, two professional photographers.
The panel of judges will be composed by the editorial staff of Auriga Publishing International and Costantino Sanna (webmaster, zimmerit.com). The panel of judges are not allowed to the contest.

Art. 12) The panel will nominate the winners for each category and three riserve reccomandations (First, Second and Third reccomendation).

Will be awarded the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placet in the Seniores category, the 1st placed in the Juniores category and the Best of The Web. It will be chosen by unanimous judgment of the Panel.

The winners will be contacted by e mail for the delivery of the prizes.
If it were impossible to contact or find the winners, after 10 days they will be subsitituted by the reserve reccomendations, following the order established by the panel of judges.

The prizes will be delivered within 60 days from the awarding, by  Auriga Publishing International.

Art. 13) The winning models and the awardedI roll will be published on “Steel Art”, published by Gruppo Auriga Publishing International.

Art. 14) The awards are indicated and showed in this reference page : www.zimmerit.com\concorsi\2008\en_premi.html. The organizers reserve themselves the option to add special awards during the Contest.

Art. 15) Partecipation in the Contest entails the unconditional acceptance of this regulations.

Guarantee of confidentiality
Zimmerit.com  guarantees the maximum confidentiality of Personal Data of the Authors registered in the Contest. Answerable for them is Mr. Costantino Sanna, owner of www.zimmerit .com dominion.
They will be used only for the composition of any webpages. They will be not passed to other except  Auriga Publishing International, for the award delivery.

Sensitive Personal Data are protected in compliance with Privacy Law 675/96 and dpr 318/99. They can be cancelled, following a personal request, at any moment.

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