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Home Guard Ambulance Tricycle

Descrizione Modello - Model Description :

The whole costruction is made from scratch in 1/35 and was awarded bronze medal in the 2009 Euromilitaire show.The only picture of the real one cought my eye,and loved it from the first sight.It is a scratchbuilt ambulance used by Home Guard in Home Front in 1939,borrowing the main vehicle probably from a royal mail vehicle.This kind of transport was used far since 1939(some 1910 brochoures were found in net)and used by RM,ice cream sellers,even for cargo.I used as a base to start the wheels of the Tamiya German bicycle set,Voyager photoetched parts,plastic rods,styrene,and a lot of patience.Painted with tamiya and Gunze acrylics,Talens oils and Mig\'s pigments.